Boogie Woogie Intermediate/Advanced

Boogie compact weekend (intermediate/advanced)

In this weekend workshop, you can either learn the basics of boogie woogie or expand your existing knowledge. The topics will include music structure and how it influences our dance, and body awareness to fundamental lead and follow.

The afternoon sessions (Sat 13-15 and Sun 13-15) aim toward more advanced boogie dancers, where we practice both very fast music and slow boogie. And of course we have some tricks and moves/patterns for you.

We look forward to seeing you!

Instructors: Sarah and Lukas from Germany

Sarah has been dancing since childhood and discovered her passion for boogie woogie in 2016. She has now been teaching boogie woogie in various dance schools for 5 years and is an active competition dancer in Germany. Lukas' dance career began as a teenager in the boogie dance formation. Since then, he has danced in various competitions - also on an international level - and is now the coach of a competition team. Lukas has also been teaching boogie woogie in various dance schools for 7 years now.

City: Umeå Folkets Hus

When: Lör 13.00-15.00

Start: 2024-05-18 (59 dagar sedan)

Occasions: 2

Price: 250 kr

Organizer: Swingum

Swingum 802437-7692

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